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My first red dot rangefinder camera

Made a tidy splurge on eBay recently and got myself a 1991 Leica M6. Prior to the purchase, my original intention for a first Leica rangefinder camera was the double stroke Leica M3. But after some deliberation and much consideration, I justified that I don't really need another rangefinder that I would use and operate the same way as I would my Nikon S3. Hence, when I stumbled upon this M6 listed from Germany that was open to offers, I made my move.

Managed to score this beauty for approximately EURO1,280.00 on my final offer and it arrived in Malaysia about 5 days later. I got the Voigtlander Ultron 35mm f1.7 from KLDSLR for RM2,800.00, which was almost half the price of others I've been looking at online.

As of the time of writing, I'm just about halfway through my first roll of film with the M6. I am very impressed with how bright the viewfinder is despite all the reading I had done and all the video reviews on youtube. Focusing a rangefinder camera never felt so easy with any of the other rangefinder cameras I have used and/or own.

The whole motion of advancing the film lever, getting the focus right, and pressing down on the shutter button is just so buttery smooth that it is such a joy to shoot with, and I am not just saying this because I am enamoured by the brand and its legacy. It really is a different kinda feel and experience, shooting a Leica.

Also, I got a Jupiter 3, which is a vintage Russian 5omm f1.5 lens that comes in LTM mount. I've got the adapter on it and will probably shoot the balance of the roll on the Jupiter 3 to see the comparison.

Can't wait!

p/s: I put a tape to conceal the red dot as that was the first thing one of my buddies noticed when I picked up the camera to my face when I wanted to take a shot of him.

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