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goodbye to my first rangefinder camera

So I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I had in my stash 3 rangefinder cameras all of a sudden and I knew I didn't enjoy the whole experience of a rangefinder enough or that much to have so many in my collection.

The Olympus XA is my 2nd ever film camera in my stash and the first rangefinder camera I owned. I have in recent months acquired a pristine example of a Yashica Electro 35 GTN and a Nikon S3 that came with the Nikkor-s 50mm f1.4 lens. That meant that the Olympus XA had to go and I promised myself I won't buy another camera until I have improved in taking profile shots and street photography (let's see how long that lasts!)

I decided that in order to attract buyers to click on my sale ad on Carousell, I'd need to have some pretty pictures of the Olympus XA taken. So, early last Sunday morning, I busied myself by using some of the studio photography lighting tutorials I found on Youtube to take these pictures.

I used my workhorse Canon 5D Mark 2 paired with the Sigma 35mm Art lens and used 2 8000 lumens Trustfire torchlights to provide lighting for these pictures below. It's really my first time attempting something other than using available light to photograph and it sure is a fun little project/experience for me and I certainly look forward to doing a bit more product photography shots and see how this can also be used for profile shoots too.

It was a fun little camera and I had enjoyed using it the past one year. I am glad it will be in someone else's care and use now that it is sold. The buyer is a rangefinder aficionado that has a large collection of Canon rangefinders and wanted a small point-and-shoot styled rangefinder camera to carry around effortlessly.

Goodbye and thank you, Olympus XA.

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