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Hanging out with The Mighty Motor's Shaik Ridzwan

Shaik Rizdwan, founder of The Mighty Motor was in town recently and we caught up at the Art of Speed 2019, where he was a show guest.

The last trip back when he came to shoot at Gimme Shelter, I happened to be away but Eddy rode my old virago chopper and they went for a ride together. So I was glad that I had the chance to finally meet the guy.

Turned out he was gonna shoot Faizal's new shop (given that the last time Shaik was down it was still located in the old Gasket Alley in Cheras) and invited me to hang out and this gave me an opportunity to watch the man go to work.

Being such a fan of his photography work, it was a real thrill to have this chance and I wasn't about to miss it. I brought along my first film camera, the Nikon FE and coupled it with a Helios 44 (58mm f2 lens) together with a roll of Kodak TMax 400, shot at +1 to document some of the behind the scenes stills of the visit to Gimme Shelter Service Chop.

Here's some of my favourite shots from that morning of 30 July 2019.

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