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Hyperion Camera Strap

Flipping through instagram a month or so ago, I came across Hyperion Camera Straps   . I was intrigued and decided to follow the link and saw that Pavlos hand-made those quality straps to your specifications and at a very reasonable price too at that. 

I placed my order after choosing my desired colour and design and waited. 

It too a few weeks before the strap above arrived here in Malaysia but all I can say is that I am very pleased with what I received. It’s definitely not something made shoddily and certainly is able to give the user confidence especially when hanging a camera well worth over $1,000 around nd your neck relying solely on the strength of the strap.  

This won’t be my last purchase from Pavlos and at the price he is selling them for, they’d make perfect gifts your camera loving friends and loved ones. 

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