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5 frames with AGFA Vista 400

Now this is my first experience with the now discontinued AGFA Vista 400 which I sourced from Bang Bang Geng in Publika. I shot the following frames on my Nikon 28TI which I was carrying around as a second camera used for a photoshoot and I finished off the roll with some street shots and some of my family, during my wife's 37th birthday.

Just received the scans from Colordotcom and I am thrilled to show you what came of it. The colours are amazing and I shot these pushed one stop. Gonna be grabbing more of the remnants I can get my hands on soon.

Here is a shot of Hiro's shovelhead that shows plenty of character.

I think this was somewhere along TTDI

Backlanes of Telawi Street in Bangsar

Backlanes of Telawi Street in Bangsar

Interior of a cafe on Telawi Street in Bangsar

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