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5 frames with Ilford Pan 400

In my second effort shooting with the Ilford Pan 400, I selected the Nikon S3 as a pairing and it certainly gave me a much better result than it did with the first roll I had shot with the Yashica Electro 35 GTN, thanks to the manual metering. I shot this roll at ISO 200 speed to provide a one-stop over-exposure and I love how the pictures are now so much better exposed rather than the result of shooting at box speed when I first tried it on the Electro 35 GTN.

I've come to enjoy shooting with a rangefinder camera now, and with an older camera that doesn't have the assistance of a light meter, it forces me to think more about my shot and take my time in getting it right.

The bokeh from the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens is not quite as pretty when shot on a black and white film, but the images do look great. I hadn't shot any of the pictures on this roll wide open though, opting to shoot at up to as wide as f2 or f2.4 only for indoors.

Shout out to Lux light meter app on ios which worked so well and hardly ever recommends the wrong reading.

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