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Nikon S3 Rangefinder

So, here's why I had let go of my Olympus XA after only a year of shooting with it. This is a Nikon S3 model rangefinder camera which came with a S-mount 50mm f1.4 lens. I have a roll of Kodak Pro Image 100 in it now and I'm 18 shots in.

The camera is just beautiful and feels solid. The rangefinder viewfinder is clear and bright and the long focus throw allows for better control of the sharpness and I am so looking forward to what the images will come out like.

What I am trying to get used to are the permanent 35mm, 50mm and 105mm framelines in the viewfinder and remembering which lines are in play when I'm composing my shots, bearing in mind my other non-SLR film cameras are all fixed lens cameras.

I'll do another 5 frames post here once I'm through with this first roll soon-ish.

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