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My go-to film developers in the Klang Valley

I had only begun trying my hands at film photography mid-2017 after being influenced by Khai M Bahar's frequent posts on his IG and youtube channel on the various film cameras he is testing out at that moment.

After doing much reading and scouring on the internet, I decided on a Nikon FE coupled with 2 lenses, a 35mm f2.8 which came with the camera body and a 50mm f1.8, which I bought separately after reading about how sharp and a must-have it is on Ken Rockwell's page.

I've tried a few film developers in the PJ/KL area and here are my favourites (sorted by convenience):

1) Colordotcom - Damansara Utama

2) Bang Bang Gang - Publika

3) Darkroom8 - Jalan Tun HS Lee, KL

Darkroom8 has the quickest turnaround time by far compared to the others. But since moving his operations to KL, I've not patronised his service as it's rather inconvenient for me to go into KL just to drop off a roll or two of film. One can of course mail it over to them, but then I like having some kind of interaction with the person developing the film, if only to add to the authenticity of the whole process.

Colordotcom closes on Sundays to Tuesdays which means I only have Saturdays to pop over to send in my occasional roll or two to be developed and pick up some spare negatives. They take roughly a week to a week and half to email out the link for you to download the scans. Music choice here is good.

BBG, I've been a few times but to stock up on negatives and I've only sent one roll of Kodak Portra 160 in just this past weekend. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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