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5 frames with Nikon S3 on Kodak ProImage 100

So it took me a few weeks to finally finish the first roll of film in my OG Nikon S3 rangefinder camera and here's five frames I thought I'd share from it.

It is such a wonderful experience using this camera. Certainly changed my mind about rangefinders. It's an entirely different process and mindset when shooting with one and the fact that it forces you to slow down and put the shot together compared to using a SLR or point and shoot makes it so much more enjoyable.

The Nikkor S 50mm f1.4 lens is just absolutely marvelous and a few of the frames here were shot wide open in low light (and on a ISO 100 film!) yet producing stunning results.

It's also my first time shooting on the the Kodak ProImage 100 and I think I prefer the colour rendering of this film compared to the Portra or Ektar, both in natural light and also indoors low light situations.

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