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5 frames with Nikon 28ti on Fuji Pro 400H

My latest toy, the Nikon 28ti, was a beauty. Despite it being pre-owned when I bought it, it came in pristine condition and was such a sight to behold.

I wasted no time in loading it with a roll of the Fuji Pro 400H (which I had purchased a few weeks back from Bang Bang Geng at Publika) to test it out. It was my first experience with the Pro 400H and I must say that the metering on the 28ti was sharp and impeccable, coupled with this wonderful film stock, I have never been happier in my short sojourn in film photography.

Here are a sample of 5 shots that I took with the Nikon 28ti on this first roll.

bagger nation at the Gasket Alley

knee cats at Wondermilk - the colour rendering and the sharpness is so pleasing

sentul depot on a cloudy Saturday noon

our little green space at home, shot in the evening with camera flash. i love how old school this one looks.

thankful to those keeping our streets clean and safe for motorists

I can't wait to shoot more with the 28ti and who knows, I might sell my other cameras one day soon as this Nikon has so far been closest to perfect for me.

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